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@ North Edinburgh Arts

Directed by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir, 

The Power Plays

"Every year since 2011 Theatre Uncut have commissioned leading and emerging playwrights to create short plays that tackle political and social issues. We then release these plays, rights free, for anyone to perform anywhere, creating theatrical mass action events that engage people all over the world with the issues at the heart of the plays. so far over 6,000 people in 26 countries across 4 continents have been part of Theatre Uncut."

On June 6th 2018 PASS students joined thousands of actors by taking part in Theatre Uncut, working on a selection of The Power Plays.A huge thank you to our mentors Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir, Sarah Farrell, Melanie Jordan & Sally Reid for supporting these theatre makers to create performance as a form of political activism! 

'Who runs the world' by Atiha Sen Gupta, 'Nobody' by Vivienne Franzmann'A Coin in Someone Else's Pocket' by Suhaiymah Manzoor Khan'Safe' by Niellah Arboine


Padraic Riddle

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