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@ The PASS Theatre

Choreographed by Jo Turbitt

"PLUTO, is a dog!"

PASS' BA Dance and Drama cohort took to the stage as part of First Footing, in their debut performance as newly formed Company Chimera.

Before the performance in December, the company was split into two smaller ensemble groups and set about devising two new pieces of physical theatre to perform as part of the showcase. 'Swipe Right' was partly inspired by the play "Things I Know to be True" but also drew heavily on concepts of Space and the Universe. Working closely with our choreographers over the rehearsal process gave us the chance to integrate our own choreography and influence the narrative of the piece. "Swipe Right" was devised with alternate endings, the ending audiences saw being decided by one performer on the night based on their impulse in the moment. 


Padraic Riddle

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