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@ The Traverse Theatre

Directed by Mary McClusckey 


For our HND end of term showcase, we were split into three performance companies and given a week to create three new devised pieces to perform at the Traverse. We were incredibly lucky to have directors Mary McCluskey, Pauline Lockhart and Sandy Thompson join us in this project and help create our three new pieces; Thin Slicing, sMother Earth and Fissure.

Working from the stimulus of "Ugly/Beautiful" we discussed our initial reactions and feeling to the theme and what concepts and images it brought up for us. We worked in circles of collaboration to improv, devise, and write a script for us to work from based on the issues we had discussed. Mary lead us through rehearsals, working with the ensemble focus and company discipline necessary to create work with pace. 

While the rehearsal process for Fissure flew by, working in this way was a great opportunity for us all to use skills we would normally not get to showcase or would like the opportunity to develop, as well as being our first opportunity to perform on the Traverse stage.

Fissure 1.JPG
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