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"No matter your deeds, those who 

love you will love you still"

This short film is part of a larger year long project by Padraic Riddle and Josephine Young exploring adapting classical text. Working specifically with the story of Antigone and its relevance to a modern day audience, the project will culminate in a performed new adaptation of the classic play.

The film which can be viewed here, was a compilation of rehearsal recordings practcally exploring the themes of defiance, grief and isolation. Our research was focussed mainly on the impact of being denied a burial of a loved one on the grieving process but this was also an opportunity to develop new ways of working and performing  in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

The film will be showcased as part of Fair Saturday, a global festival that celebrates the essential contribution of art to society and is the first festival of its kind to be rooted in the open participation of citizenships and in a positive social impact.


Padraic Riddle

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