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@ The PASS Theatre

Directed by Ashling Findlay-Carrol

"Love is and open door"

The Baroness Hardup School of Pantomime Performance is in disarray this close to Christmas, the Dames need to crown a queen of the bake-off, the Principal Boys want a winner for their singing contest, and poor Cinderella just wants to go to the Ball!

PASS first year NCs come together for Panto season, bringing together a huge cast of familiar characters in an all singing all dancing adventure. This was a fantastic opportunity to explore the world of Pantomime in the setting of Cinderellas step-mother's School of Performance and my first opportunity to play a Panto dame! We had a huge amount of fun getting to know our characters and telling our own version of this classic story. We performed to the local primary schools in the Granton area during our matinee performances and to friends, family and the general public in the evening.


Padraic Riddle

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