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BA (HONS) Dance and Drama - First Class - Edinburgh College

HND Acting and Performance

PDA in Teaching in Colleges in Scotland

PDM - Level 1 Silks Remote Teacher Training

I'm a Scottish Actor, Theatre Maker and Aerial Silks Instructor currently based in Glasgow. I graduated from Edinburgh College in 2020 and remained as Artist in Residence there until 2021. From 2021 to 2022 I worked as the Trainee Artist at Lyra on the 'Where We Are Project' a project funded by creative Scotland to bring arts back into communities after the pandemic. As Trainee Artists I contributed to the creation of and performed in a new piece of outdoor, physical theatre  for children and young people in Greater Craigmillar, and delivered workshops for audiences at each of the performance locations within the community. I've also worked as a performer and theatre maker for companies like SURGE, Framework Theatre Company, Strange Town and Scottish Youth Theatre. Outside of working in traditional theatre spaces I have also created and performed site-specific and responsive work as well as street theatre, outdoor arts and circus.

As a theatre facilitator, I've worked regularly in professional youth and community contexts, leading workshops, classes and regular weekly youth theatre sessions as well as regular sessions in schools, colleges and community centres.

I’ve trained as an Aerialist since 2017 and I started working as a trainee aerialist with All or Nothing and AerielEdCo in 2020, shadowing classes in silks and trapeze. I’ve since completed the Paper Doll Militia teacher training course to become a qualified instructor, teaching my own silks classes for both companies. I moved to Glasgow in March of this year to complete the 4 month foundation course in circus arts at Aerial Edge. This allowed me to diversify my skill set as a performer and develop my practice as a circus artist and also gave me a grounding in other circus disciplines like contemporary and acro dance, fly trapeze and prop manipulation. I had the opportunity to gain more performance experience as an aerialist, practice creating my own acts, improve my strength and flexibility as well as gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of rigging for Circus. I now work between Aerial Edge in Glasgow and AerialEdCo and All or Nothing in Edinburgh, teaching classes to children, young people and adults.

Padraic Riddle

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